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Fusion 5 Performance Tubeless Tire

Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance Tubeless Tire

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The Fusion 5 continues its revolution! Already acclaimed in its Tubetype and Tubeless versions, HDF>5® compound is now associated with a new Road Tubeless Ready construction. The HUTCHINSON teams have developed a unique process over 2 years allowing the new HDF>5®range to obtain convincing results on the 5 key tire performance criteria; Grip, Performance, Life, Puncture resistance, & Comfort.

Creating the correct compound composition capable of addressing this defiance has been a permanent challenge. The HDF > 5® compound has been developed with the aim of offering unique performances on all terrains. Trust the pioneer, it's the compendium of Hutchinson Tubeless technology proven over 10 years.

Hutchinson launched Road Tubeless technology in 2006 after five years of development and testing. Tubeless technology affords a more supple, safer and efficient ride when using a Hutchinson Road Tubeless tire matched with a compatible Hutchinson approved wheel and Protect’Air Max latex tire sealant. True Road Tubeless tires can be used with or without sealant. Tubeless Ready tires require sealant to make the casing airtight.

• Kevlar Pro Tech
• HDF 5.2 Compound
• Carbon bead for maximum safety
• For use with tubeless compatible wheelsets only
• 127 TPI
• Weight: 295-315 grams (+/-7%)

Road Tubeless
• No inner tube, simple to mount by hand or with pliable plastic type tire levers
• Improved performance: lighter than a classic tire & inner tube combination
• Increased comfort: lower pressure for better performance, greater tire flexibility & less vibration
• Greater resistance: no more pinch punctures
• Improved safety: in the event of puncture by perforation, the loss of pressure occurs slowly. Delayed deflation, impossible to roll off the rim, possible to ride while flat!
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